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<p>Congratulations to Emanuela Di Martino who became the first of the Throughflow Early Stage Researchers to be awarded her doctorate when she successfully defended her thesis on &#39;Cenozoic bryozoans from Borneo&#39; at Utrecht University on 26 February 2014. In front of a public audience including members of her family from Sicily and several Throughflow researchers, Emanuela was questioned by six examiners for exactly forty-five minutes before the procter entered the hall, banged her staff on the ground and declared the examination over. After a short deliberation, the chairman of the examination board returned to announce the good news and the celebrations began. A formal reception at the university was followed by a wonderful buffet dinner at, appropriately, an Indonesian restaurant, enlivened by a special quiz devised for Emanuela by Nadia Santodomingo. The prize? A MacBook.
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